Debugger doc pages

Jason Edmeades us at
Sat Jan 17 14:52:22 CST 2004

 >> Is it something about my machine but when I go to the online debugger
 >> docs, eg: I 
 >> see absolutely nothing in the text boxes. I can highlight the text and
 >> it appears to be in a minute font, and cut+paste into an editor 
shows me
 >> the text is there, its just too small to be visible.
 >> I tried with mozilla and IE (both from a Windows machine).

 >WORKSFORME with Firebird 0.7 on Fedora...
 >It looks fine for me in Konqy, under Linux (RH9).

 >Is the font setup on that machine odd in any way?
Not that I know of! Its a relatively new (<2months) old WinXP install, 
but its something weird as my other machine (win2k partition)  can see 
them fine. If it was 'just' IE or just Mozilla, I wouldnt mind, but for 
both to be broken does make it look like a machine wide issue.

Debugging this further, the style sheet has as font for <pre> 'Fixed'. I 
changed this to
    FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: Courier, Fixed
and it works, so it implies my 10pt Fixed family font is wrong?

On my 2k(working) box, I ran character map, and in the font dropdown I 
had Fixedsys but not fixed. On my XP box I actually had listed an entry 
for 'fixed', which sure enough had small fonts.

Any idea how to get from charmap -> font? I dir a dir *fixed* /s on my 
machine, no luck. Anyone else with XP who could try that page and see if 
they suffer the same way please?


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