Need help debugging ... Ddraw issue

Jason Edmeades us at
Sun Jan 18 05:20:20 CST 2004

Andreas Rosenberg:
 >If somebody could provide me the problematic exe of DK and the address
 >where the crash occurs I will put it through IDA pro. This might help 
lifting the
 >mystery. If IDA pro detects which compiler suite has been used to link 
the EXE,
 >it should be "easy" to detect where the string came from

Unzip it, run KDDATA -d, and keeper95 is the executable

 From my notes (I dont have Linux to hand just now):
Trap occurs ar 0x43d4e2
At this point in time the path/exe is in 0x552150
On windows:
This was copied from 0x12fe20 (Was already filled in at a breakpoint at 
which in turn came from 0x141ee0 when the pgm is very first loaded 
(windbg or msdev prior to executing any code).


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