wine cvs notes and proposed keyboard detection fix.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sun Jan 18 06:35:16 CST 2004

"Sylvain Petreolle" <spetreolle at> wrote:

> Forwarded fom wine-users.

> The keyboard detection when starting wine does not detect my turkish keyboard 
> and choses a scandinavion keyboard instead. I had a look at the keyboard.c 
> and there is a turkish keyboard defined. I found in the 
> X11DRV_KEYBOARD_DetectLayout function that the keysym detection loop exited 
> at the first wrong match which resulted in an incorrect match for the 
> keyboard. Attached is a patch that appears (for me) to solve this problem. 
> This problem has been evident since before cvs 2003-12-13. Wine still states 
> that it is unable to find the correct keyboard but it at least loads and uses 
> the correct definition although some keys don't work correctly.

The patch is wrong, since it cures just a symptom not the problem itself.
There are two problems with current x11drv keyboard code:
1. Very likely that Turkish keyboard layout there is incorrect.
2. As stated before the keyboard code should be fixed to take into account
the real keyboard layout while building the keyc2vkey map, not the hardcoded

Regarging Office 97 and Quicken problems: it's better to start with simple
+relay trace and search for MessageBox and the first occurence of the wrongly
formatted date respectively. Or just find a patch which caused a regression for


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