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Andreas Mohr andi at
Sun Jan 18 14:10:17 CST 2004


On Sun, Jan 18, 2004 at 08:44:19PM +0100, Ivan Leo Murray-Smith wrote:
> This patch improves the italian version fo the README file, and uniforms it
> layout to the one of the English README. It also updates the links to the faq,
> the forums and the cvs to the urls currently used at winehq in all versions of
> README. Alexandre, I think it would be a good idea to move these files to the root
> source directory, so that non-English speakers can spot them immediately. It may
> also be a good idea to rename them something more obvious, for example from
> to LEGGIMI.italiano (README.italian), shall I send in a patch that
> does this?
And then we do the same for French, Russian, German, Spanish, Chinese,
Polish, Bavarian ;-), Portuguese, Norvegian, Danish, Raeto Romanian, Kiswahili?
Don't think so ;-)

I'd say as the very first part in the README file, we write something like

Foreign languages (language, langue, Sprache, lingua, ...):
---> open documentation/README.<country_domain>

Sounds better than polluting the Wine root directory with many different
localized versions.

(also, if people still haven't learned to look at a file called "README" first,
then they're not supposed to use Wine anyway)

I still think that someone should put a system in place to make sure
that all localized content gets kept current properly.
(otherwise we might just end up deleting more modern versions
of installation-und-konfiguration.german again and again...)

That file once was a beautiful piece of documentation... and then it died...
horribly even. ;-)

Anyway, thanks for your docu maintenance!

Andreas Mohr

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