Hi (virus alert)

Joshua Walker halkun2002 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 19 05:03:31 CST 2004

"W32.Beagle.A at mm" was found as an attachment.

A few things amuse me about this...

1) Coadweaves makes a great product, I just hope that
this wan't sent from a Linux box running crossover.

2) I think we all run linux here. We can pretty much
say that this particular distrobution spoke is pretty
much dead...

3) If Microsoft just removed the ability to run
executables from Outlook, and made it so the user
would have to "activate" it via a executable
permission (Chmod 755 wsmktvxhew.exe) 99% of these
things won't even propgate. 

--- jsheets at codeweavers.com wrote:
>  Test =)
> jxbvitmuqfjiwe
> --
> Test, yep.

> ATTACHMENT part 2 application/x-msdownload

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