Hi (virus alert)

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Mon Jan 19 07:22:35 CST 2004

Hi Joshua,

Joshua Walker wrote:
> "W32.Beagle.A at mm" was found as an attachment.
> A few things amuse me about this...
> 1) Coadweaves makes a great product, I just hope that
> this wan't sent from a Linux box running crossover.

No; John Sheets hasn't worked with us for a few years,
his email has clearly been harvested from someone elses
address book (one that had both he and wine-devel in
it :-( ).  Of course, doesn't mean that person wasn't
bitten by Wine...

> 2) I think we all run linux here. We can pretty much
> say that this particular distrobution spoke is pretty
> much dead...
> 3) If Microsoft just removed the ability to run
> executables from Outlook, and made it so the user
> would have to "activate" it via a executable
> permission (Chmod 755 wsmktvxhew.exe) 99% of these
> things won't even propgate. 

CrossOver Office has a hack^H^H^H^Hproprietary
technology that prevents CreateProcess from opening
.exe, .bat, and a few others if the calling
process is 'outlook.exe'.  *This* is why Wine is so
cool - because we can choose to do the things that
Microsoft is resistant too.



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