cvs documentation not in sync with website?

Jeremy Newman jnewman at
Mon Jan 19 09:52:47 CST 2004

The docs build when Alexandre runs the wine_release script in the tools

wine_release calls make_winehq also found in the tools cvs. If the docs
are out of date, it would be an error found in one of these two scripts.

On Sun, 2004-01-18 at 21:54, Chris Morgan wrote:
> I noticed this snippet from the online docs in the documentation section:
> Run ./configure (or make distclean && ./configure) 
> Switch to the documentation/ directory 
> run ./make_winehq       <----------- This line has changed
> View wine-doc/index.html in your favorite browser
> make_winehq has apparently been obsoleted, replaced by 'make html'.  I was 
> wondering why the web documentation wasn't in sync with the html docs.  
> Shouldn't we be pulling the web documentation pages directly from the cvs 
> pages at some scheduled interval?
> Thanks,
> Chris
Jeremy Newman <jnewman at>
CodeWeavers, Inc.

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