Unicode and CP_SYMBOL question. [?? Probable Spam]

Rein Klazes rklazes at xs4all.nl
Mon Jan 19 12:41:27 CST 2004

On Thu, 15 Jan 2004 19:24:25 +0800, you wrote:

> > > Apparently Windows uses something different. Probably we have to change
> > > our internal map for Symbol encoding 
> > 
> > I will try a few other Windows versions first. It looks to me that
> > Symbol encoding is not a real encoding at all apart from the 0xf000
> > offset. calls like GetCPinfo(CP_SYMBOL,...) also fail on Win2K, probably
> > for that reason..
> Sounds like a good idea. Please test and report here what you will find.

It works as I described on everything from Win2K up to a recent
On everything below that (NTx and win9x) the call fails.

Further observations are that WideCharToMultiByte does the inverse (map
0-0x1f and 0xf020-0xf0ff, fail on everything else)  and that
EnumSystemCodePages() do not enum this code page (it does on wine).

I am planning to create a patch that fixes MultiByteToWideChar and
WideCharToMultiByte, as well as removing the symbol code page from the
code page table.

Rein Klazes
rklazes at xs4all.nl

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