DPA_Create/Search may be missing

Martin Fuchs martin-fuchs at gmx.net
Mon Jan 19 13:46:40 CST 2004

On 19.01.2004 18:05:18 Hans Leidekker wrote:
> On Sunday 18 January 2004 18:02, Francois Gouget wrote:
> > What about MinGW? It sounds like this test does not compile there
> > either...
> Well, it compiles and links, but doesn't link at run-time
> because MinGW's import lib exports these symbols by name,
> not ordinal-only.
> I submitted a patch to correct this to MinGW but they
> wouldn't accept it because of some documented-by-Microsoft-only
> policy.

You are searching for documentation of DPA_Create() and DPA_Search() ?
Herer it is:



As you may know, Microsoft lost its Anti-Trust process and had to make
public some previous API - a lot of shell functions are a part of them.
However they did "hide" them in a not very prominent place of MSDN:




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