Typo fix in type names

Peter Hunnisett peter at transgaming.com
Mon Jan 19 15:15:57 CST 2004

They are correct as is and yes MS makes spelling mistakes.

Francois Gouget wrote:

>In dlls/dplayx/lobbysp.h I found types and a field with a typo:
>   BuildParentalHeirarchy
>I checked in the latest Microsoft SDK and in the DirectX 9.0a SDK and
>couldn't find any type with a spelling of 'HEIRARCHY'. I also searched
>on Google and could not find them here either. However I did not find
>these types with the correct spelling either.
>That may be because these are internal types (they are defined in an
>internal header after all), or because they are badly documented.
This is the case. They're from a not really often distributed SDK.


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