RFC on our new initiative

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 20 13:51:54 CST 2004


> We've also, we hope, set the stage for a major new Wine
> related initiative - we hope to encourage lots of ISVs
> to certify their apps against Wine.  

Yes this is REALLY needed but.....
> The rationale for this is pretty simple - apps won't run
> on Wine as well as they do on Windows until developers start
> testing against Wine.  They've got to start somewhere - we're
> trying to give them that beginning.
> We're obviously also hoping that this will help us to continue
> funding the work we've been able to do on Wine so far.  As much
> of a struggle as it's been at times, we really feel lucky that
> we've been able to do so much.  We hope that these initiatives
> will give us an extra little boost so we can help push Wine
> over the hump.
> I sincerely believe that the day when we can honestly tell people
> "It will most likely work nicely on Wine" is not long off.

.....depends on what happens at Wineconf.....

> At any rate, this is a brand new initiative for us; call it
> an 0.1.7 release.  We're very open to comments and thoughts
> and suggestions, so I would greatly appreciate any public
> or private comments you have to make.

For all of this to happen WINE Must....Be....Stable. Are we going to
see 0.9 tagged as the main event at Wineconf 2004? Until we have a WINE
1.x I dont think we are going to see this in large numbers. Once 1.x
happens and our regression testing system is filled with unit tests it
will make vendors jump on board.

All in all I think its a great idea from the ReactOS side as I have
been putting out feelers to ISVs Q&A people and they have no problem
adding ReactOS to the already bloated list of Windows versions they
have to test apps for. If this is going to really happen though we must
have a stable WINE sooner rather than later. 


PS. The goal 95% of all Windows apps on crossover is nice but I am
afraid I am seeing more and more .Nyet apps out in the real world. For
this to happen anytime soon we have to get on the ball with Mono and Windows.Forms.

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