GetCommandLine issue with Dungeon Keeper

Duane Clark dclark at
Tue Jan 20 21:57:42 CST 2004

Frank Schruefer wrote:
> (
> REPOST, again: I was told that my massages need long time to appear because
> I'm not subscribed as frank.schruefer at, ok, but my postings as
> wine at (which I'm subscribed as) never come through.
> Maybe that is because mozilla only allows configuration for one outgoing
> mailserver which is the t-online one?
> Anything I could do about the situation?
> )

I never saw any postings as wine at in the moderation queue. So 
something else must be wrong. The outgoing smtp server should make no 
difference. Maybe Jeremy can check his logs to see if anything is there 
(I don't have access to those). The lists have recently implemented spam 
blocking (yea!), so hopefully you were not classified as a spammer ;)

A bit off topic... with any reasonably current Mozilla you can have 
different outgoing servers for different accounts. In the outgoing 
server settings, click the "Advanced" button to configure them. In the 
individual accounts, in server settings, click the Advanced button to 
select the desired outgoing server for that account.

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