RFC on our new initiative

Boaz Harrosh boaz at hishome.net
Wed Jan 21 01:38:04 CST 2004

Steven Edwards wrote:

>.....depends on what happens at Wineconf.....
>PS. The goal 95% of all Windows apps on crossover is nice but I am
>afraid I am seeing more and more .Nyet apps out in the real world. For
>this to happen anytime soon we have to get on the ball with Mono and Windows.Forms.


Did any one contact Xaim to see if they can send any MONO people to 
Is there any vision on how these 2 integrate?
  I haven't even touched MONO yet (& .NET for that mater), but from the 
look of it they better use wine for some areas of .NET. Like .Forms.
And certainly Wine Loader should have an hook ready for sending .NET 
code the MONO way.

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