wine cvs notes and proposed keyboard detection fix.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Jan 22 01:44:20 CST 2004

"Shane Shields" <locutusenterprises at> wrote:

> "The patch is wrong, since it cures just a symptom not the problem itself.
> There are two problems with current x11drv keyboard code:
> 1. Very likely that Turkish keyboard layout there is incorrect.
> 2. As stated before the keyboard code should be fixed to take into account
> the real keyboard layout while building the keyc2vkey map, not the hardcoded
> one."
> I have verified that (No. 1) the Turkish keyboard layout is correct so I am 
> now trying to work on No. 2.

I'd expect that a correct keyboard layout should produce 0 (zero) number
of mismatches...


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