Still SSTab, OleAut32.dll

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Thu Jan 22 07:37:12 CST 2004


I'm still trying to get some VB programs to run on wine (actual cvs).
But I always get the error that it can't load the SSTab control from
TabCtl32.ocx as described here:

I now tried setting some dlls to native and found that it works (well,
further) if I set OleAut32.dll to native, the others are still builtin.
What is missing? Has this to do with the typelib or anything else?
Testcase is simple: Create a new VB(6)-Project and place the
tab control (from TabCtl32.ocx which has to activated first) on
the empty dialog. Run the exe on wine.

Any pointers?


bye  Fabi

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