LockResource16 in ole32.dll

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Fri Jan 23 10:10:23 CST 2004

"Ge van Geldorp" <ge at gse.nl> wrote:

> > That will not work. 32-bit LockResource can't be used on a
> > memory block allocated by GlobalAlloc16, as I explained before.
> No, not in Wine. But Wine will still use LockResource16, so there's no
> problem. I can assure you that the memory block won't be allocated by
> GlobalAlloc16 in ReactOS, simply because there is no GlobalAlloc16 in
> ReactOS. Since there is also no LockResource16 in ReactOS it would take
> the other code path. I'm just trying to find a solution which allows
> umodified source code to be used by both Wine and ReactOS.

Then it's better to fix LoadAcceleratorsA/W to use a proper allocator
and use the same aproach in both Wine and ReactOS.

But in that case you have to write a test case which works at least
on NT/2000 and Wine.


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