segmentation fault when using and

Anil Akurathi anil at
Fri Jan 23 13:21:14 CST 2004

    I need functions like 'MultiByteToWideChar', 'SysAllocStringLen', etc
which are in and libraries. I have some of
questions regarding using them.

- How can I link these libraries with my program. Using
option -lkernel32.dll looks for file.
- I tried renaming the files and also creating soft links using to
- If I link like that, my program is giving a 'segmentation fault' error.
- I tried using libraries produced by compiling on my uptodate RH8.0 machine
and also the libraries from the RH8.0 rpm available on
- I implement an XPCOM class using these libraries and when I try to create
an object, it gives the 'Segmentation Fault'.
- I tried using but it doesn't contain the above functions I

If anybody knows how to use these libraries, please mail back. Thanks in


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