Debugging problem

Andrew L. Bereson andy at
Fri Jan 23 15:56:00 CST 2004

I've got an application that is crashing in Wine and I am trying to debug it.

However, I am runnign into a problem before I even get started...

When I go into the debugger (winedbg) it complains that it cannot find 
"debug information" in any of the 32bit DLL's.  Indeed, from within
the debugger I cannot find nor break at any of the DLL functions... which
is quite a drag.

I'm sure there is some simple solution to this relted to a problem with my
setup or the way I am running the debugger, but I can't figure it out.

I have tried recompiling and reinstalling all of wine with the -g compiler
option (seems reasonable, I suppose) but that doesn't solve it.  I've
told wine/configure to "--enable-debug", to no avail.  I don;t know what
I'm missing and I can't find any useful suggestions in any of the
documentation or FAQ's (not that thtere is nothing useful... just I haven't
yet found it, though I have looked)

Any hints/help would be most appreciated.

sample error message:
No debug information in 32bit DLL 'C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\USER32.DLL' (0x40690000)

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