Dungeon Keeper thread(s) recently

Frank Schruefer Frank.Schruefer at t-online.de
Fri Jan 23 20:29:02 CST 2004

Jason Edmeades wrote:
> Just a thank you for the people who followed up on this recently, 
> including the recent patch.

Yep, that was really great teamwork. I also thank you all, especially
you Jason for cornering the bug!

> (I have been offline due to a failing modem, so couldnt participate 
> towards the end.)
> Jason

Great you're back! Maybe you could shed some light :-)
You remember that you came until a not moving cursor after starting DK.
I applied your second workaround for now and am stuck in the same situation.

I'll elaborate this a bit:

- I have two mouse pointers.
- The first is trapped in the upper left corner and looks like a standard
   mousepointer. When the mouse is moved down or right it follows a bit and
   then always jumps back to it's corner.
- The second one is the Dungeon Keeper mouse pointer (some picture of a
   monsters head). This one moves down and right if the mouse is moved in
   this directions but doesn't move up or left.
   Except this the mousepointer behaves absolutely normal.

That's the situation.
Any ideas for a starting point for debugging?

   Frank Schruefer

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