libs/wine/loader.c:wine_dll_get_owner and running 16 bit apps in-place

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Sat Jan 24 10:22:19 CST 2004


I didn't install wine, but run it in-place by giving the full path of the
wine wrapper. Now I have a 16 bit application that doesn't find the dlls it
wants to load. What happens is:
- NE_LoadDLLs tries to laod CTL3DV2.DLL
- wine_dll_get_owner resolves the symbolic link to ctl3d/
- and rejects is as it contains a slash 
With additinal debug output this looks like:

fixme:module:NE_LoadDLLs BON: buffer "CTL3DV2.DLL"
fixme:module:MODULE_LoadModule16 BON: dllname "ctl3dv2.dll"
BON: readlink "/spare/wine/wine/dlls/" returned 20 errno 0"Success"
BON: readlink "ctl3d/"

Commenting out the clause that checks for a slash lets the application
proceed. What's the correct solution for this problem?

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