DeviceIoControl Unimplemented control 256 for VxD device NWLINK

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Sat Jan 24 12:00:18 CST 2004

>>>>> "MediaHost" == MediaHost \(TM\) <MediaHost> writes:

    MediaHost> Hi, Can anybody tell me, what's this device NWLINK should be?
    MediaHost> A search in google did not solve anything....

    MediaHost> I suspect some leftovers from a imported registry
    MediaHost> file. Fixing that (whatever it is, probably NET device??) the
    MediaHost> app will work...

    MediaHost> trace:loaddll:load_dll Loaded module L"ws2_32.dll" : builtin
    MediaHost> trace:loaddll:load_dll Loaded module
    MediaHost> L"C:\\WINDOWS\\SYSTEM\\NETAPI32.DLL" : builtin
    MediaHost> fixme:file:DeviceIoControl Unimplemented control 256 for VxD
    MediaHost> device NWLINK trace:loaddll:load_dll Loaded module
    MediaHost> L"dsound.dll" : builtin wine: Unhandled exception (thread
    MediaHost> 000c), starting debugger...  trace:loaddll:load_dll Loaded
    MediaHost> module L"C:\\WINDOWS\\SYSTEM\\advapi32.dll" : built

What application do you try to run?
Any appearance of NWLINK in ~/.wine/*.reg?  What happens if you delete those
registry entries?
Any appearance of NWLINK in any .ini file?
Are you sure the crash is related to the tried loading of NWLINK?
Why don't you give us the backtrace?

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