shell32 patch 20

Rolf Kalbermatter rolf.kalbermatter at
Sat Jan 24 13:22:41 CST 2004

"Dmitry Timoshkov" <dmitry at>
>"Martin Fuchs" <martin-fuchs at> wrote:
>> > > Changelog:
>> > > - don't link directly to NTDLL; use MultiByteToWideChar() instead of
>> >  RtlCreateUnicodeStringFromAsciiz()
>> > 
>> > Why do you need that?
>> RtlCreateUnicodeStringFromAsciiz() is neither present in MinGW nor in PSDK.
>That doesn't justify the change IMO. There are lots of places in Wine
>using that construct, and it's much more convenient and avoids code
>duplication (with a possibility of adding bugs in even such a simple

I was under the impression that it was desirable to cross compile as many
dlls as possible in different environments. shell32 has currently only a
few reasons why it can't be compiled and linked in Visual C and I think it
is a good idea to improve on that.
This of course isn't any reason but maybe an indication: native shell32 does
not import RtlCreateUnicodeStringFromAsciiz() either.

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