Dungeon Keeper thread(s) recently

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at the-edmeades.demon.co.uk
Sat Jan 24 16:01:32 CST 2004

>Great you're back! Maybe you could shed some light :-)
>You remember that you came until a not moving cursor after starting DK.
>I applied your second workaround for now and am stuck in the same

Nope, you are way outside my areas now - I dont know any X programming nor
how events are processed in Wine. You might want to try to work out how the
game gets input - is it dinput or processing windows messages.

FYI I do remember a thread on here ages ago about mouse pointers and
movements being relative rather than absolute coordinates, but I'm just
brain dumping here. Since it works when you move right and down, you may be
able to work out what is provided in those cases, and compare to the up and
left case. I wonder if relatively this two cases are negative numbers and we
screw up somewhere

I'm in the depths of debugging problems with another game at the moment, but
if noone else steps up to the challenge, I'll try to take a look.
Unfortunately time is always of too short supply.


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