New Open Source License: Single Supplier Open Source License

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at
Sun Jan 25 07:27:47 CST 2004

> The problem with [L]GPL and BSD is that if someone does not turn in their
changes then the developer has no recourse to > enforce the requirment.  Under
this license they can.
> Under GPL and BSD the developer has absoutely no control or means to keep
their work an open source because they 
> cannot remove distribution from people who don't comply.
Sorry for the language but this is pure bullshit. The Free Software Foundation
has enforced the GPL many times, forcing proprietary vendors to GPL the code of
works deviated from GPL'ed code, and has always reached a settlement before
getting to court, that shows how good the GPL is.

> I am trying to make it possible for people to earn a living as Open Source
developers.  I am also making it possible for 
> companies that do Open Source development as their primary activiey to provide
jobs to those (like those on this list) 
> who invest their time into Open Source products.
IMHO you're quite confused, and don't have a good idea about what open source is
all about. You license closely remembers the shared source license.


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