INI File Processing Improvements

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sun Jan 25 07:41:42 CST 2004

"Robert Shearman" <R.J.Shearman at> wrote:

> > > > 1. You are duplicating too much unicode helpers already existing in
> > > > wine_unicode and include/wine/unicode.h
> > >
> > > There are no strnchrW and strnrchrW routines in unicode.h, so how do you
> > > propose I rewrite memchrW and memrchrW?
> >
> > Perhaps just add them into wine/unicode.h
> I don't really think they belong there, as they don't map to any standard
> libc functions. However, if people think they will be useful if added I will
> submit a patch to add them.

Submit the patch in the form as you wish. Alexandre will either accept
the patch and fix some minor cases, or will explain what you need to change
in it to make the patch acceptable for inclusion.


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