shell32 patch 20

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sun Jan 25 07:51:57 CST 2004

"Jakob Eriksson" <jakov at> wrote:

> Depending on how you define break, that argument can be used to stop
> almost any patch to Wine, if the goal happens to be cross compilation.

What way will you decide to go, if in the next Platform SDK release
Microsoft will remove some of the existing APIs and simultaneously add
some previously undocumented? Rewrite all the affected parts of your code?

> I understand your fight against code duplication and such, but IMHO cross
> compilation is something that needs to happen.

I wonder then, how you are going to cross compile most of the kernel parts
of ReactOS code. If you would rely only on the documented APIs and headers
ReactOS would not be in the state it is now.


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