Winedbg: Parse symbols in libc, libpthread, etc

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Sun Jan 25 09:19:31 CST 2004

> I'm not sure which you mean by the main module loaded linked list, but I
> guess you mean the one we get the rest of the modules from. On my system
> (Fedora Core 1), the modules directly linked to wine-pthread/wine-kthread
> don't appear in the main module list (i.e. don't get listed at all when you
> run, for example, winedbg notepad).
That's very strange. I checked for example for gdb does and it never 
accesses the l_ld field, and assumes every loaded shared module is 
present in the unique ELF module list that we're already scanning.
I could understand that we have some too strict tests somewhere, but I 
don't understand how it could be that we have to call DEBUG_WalkList 
So, could look at the entries in the dbg_hdr.r_map list and see whether 
or not the main libraries appear (will some unsupported flags for example).

>>(I'm currently working on fixing some of
>>the issues of the debugger: get around WINELOADER issue, report
>>unsupported debug format (like Dwarf2...)).
> Cool. If this patch will get in your way, just let me know.
it actually does, but I'll submit a merged form

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