Fwd: [Bug 1952] half-life, unreal tournament: video runs too 1.5x too fast

hatky hatky at hatky.myz.info
Sun Jan 25 13:29:11 CST 2004

Sound like a valid claim that wine does not update the cpu speed on speed step 
speed change....

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Subject: [Bug 1952] half-life, unreal tournament: video runs too 1.5x too fast
Date: Saturday 24 January 2004 20:30
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------- Additional Comments From lesha at netman.ru  2004-24-01 14:30 -------
I finally know exactly what was going on. Someone knowledgeable needs to
 decide if this is a problem Wine should fix. My laptop has SpeedStep, and if
 you power it up without AC power, it will boot in 1200 Mhz, and
 /proc/cpuinfo will list 1200 mhz. Turning on AC power switches back to
 1700Mhz (or manual acpi adjustments). However, /proc/cpuinfo reflects only
 1200. Wine apparently uses CPU cycles for timing (IMO, a lousy idea). Thus,
 when I had gone through power up without AC, later switched to AC, Wine
 thinks that my Mhz rating is lower than it is, and I get a speed increase of
 42%. If I now use ACPI to reconfigure as 1200 Mhz, I end up with normal
 speeds again. So, really, ACPI could be considered at fault for not updating
 cpuinfo. But maybe /proc/cpuinfo isn't even the right place to read this
 information. Or at least, maybe one shouldn't rely on reported MHz for
 timing. For instance, the native shooters (Prboom, Quake3) don't mind at all
 if I switch the CPU frequency mid-game. Opinions?

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