App db, bugzilla, and tracking bugs

Dan Kegel dank at
Tue Jan 27 00:44:36 CST 2004

Mike Kost wrote:
> This is an update for the 'More Games Tested' post on 1/3/04. I reran 
> everything on 20040121 and the results are below. All games are freely 
> downloadable as they are demos.

Periodic app testing like Mike is doing is essential and greatly appreciated,
but I suspect we need a better way to track the results of the tests.

Here's what might work best long-term:

* a bug in bugzilla for each obvious bug in the app that prevents
it from working (e.g. "AusterlitzDemo.exe crashes on startup at AusterlitzDemo.exe.EntryPoint+0x3ed"
or "msi installers require IE6 functions").  Many apps will
have common bugs, so we would want to be careful to avoid duplication.

* a tracking bug in bugzilla for each app
   with description "Bugs preventing %appname% from working".
   that depends on all the individual showstopper bugs

* a page in the and/or app db for the
   app, linking to the tracking bug

For instance, the following three bugs
all seem to block AOL; I'm proposing that we create a tracking bug for AOL,
and make it depend on those three bugs (and any others we run into that
are blocking AOL).
Then (the appdb page for AOL)
should hyperlink to that tracking bug.  (Or maybe there should be a tracking
bug for each version of AOL, and the hyperlinks should be from e.g.

If we did that for 100 or so apps, the common bugs would become
easy to find in bugzilla; we could just sort by "number of other bugs blocked
by this bug", maybe.

When a new set of app tests is run (e.g. when Mike runs his demos again),
he could add just the changes to the affected bugs in bugzilla,
and post a link to them and a summary on wine-devel.

It's a thought, anyway.
- Dan

p.s. this was originally posted via gmane, but never showed up.  Hmm.

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