Posix Subsystem for ReactOS - Project 2010

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 27 14:38:34 CST 2004

Hello All,
Now that the word is out its time to fill you guys in. Over the past
few months I have been working with a Project called Cooperative Linux.
Cooperative Linux allows you to the Linux kernel as a process under
Windows NT/2K. With CoLinux you can run any linux application under


My plan is to work with the CoLinux team to integrate CoLinux in to
Windows and ReactOS as a POSIX subsystem. They are very interested in
working with us on this project and have linked to reactos.com on the


Currently CoLinux depends on a driver that allows it to use the
hardware MMU. It also currently depends on cygwin to be compiled. The
first steps for developing this for ReactOS and other Win32 hosts will
be to remove the cygwin dependancy.


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