NHL 2004 Testing Report

Abdul-Haseeb Ahmad abdul.ahmad at utoronto.ca
Tue Jan 27 23:42:50 CST 2004

Okay guys, I'm a first time poster here, so sorry if I goofed up somewhere.

The full bug report is here, includes full output:

okay heres my testing report of NHL 2004.. I decided to go the full length to
see if we can get it working because IE6 does work in wine, and Madden 2004, an
EAGL-engined game (NHL 2004 also uses the same engine, although probably a
slightly older revision than Madden, both dx8 though), works with little
graphical glitches.

running wine20031212 compiled from source on fedora core release 1
installed IE6 using mike hearn's install script
installed NHL 2004:
- ran "wine Autorun.exe &" in /mnt/cdrom
- changed directory out of cdrom to allow switching of CDs
- said no to new version of DCOM installation
- said yes to Flash Player installation (no errors, unlike winex)
- advanced install
- typed in directory i wanted to install it into (browse is buggy, crashes when
you click OK)
- (installed it on a fat32 partition)
- chose register later
- said no to installing EA Online components
- progress meter frozen at 0.00% but files copied
- error copying Support\en-us_eahelp.GID
- unmounted cd, created /mnt/cdrom/Support
- created missing file with "touch en-us_eahelp.GID"
- retried, error copying with Support\go_ez.exe
- deleted /mnt/cdrom/Support/en-us_eahelp.GID
- rmdir'd /mnt/cdrom/Support
- remounted cd, clicked retry, cd continued to copy files
- install asked for cd2, switched to cd2, clicked ok, files continued to copy,
indicator still at 0.00% though
- install goes to Please wait window for a 5 or 6 minutes
- screen pops up saying a debugger has been detected (install completed)
- copied v1.0 nocd crack into nhl 2004 directory

afterwards is the output i got running the wine20031212 debugger

okay, so I'm pretty sure that BROWSERENGINE_PC_Z.DLL is what NHL 2004 uses to
communicate with IE6 (NHL 2004 uses HTML/JS files for its menu interface)

I when i load intro.html (the first page that NHL 2004 runs) into IE6 it doesnt
show anything when in windows when opening it in IE6 it shows the intro video
(an mpg file)... however title.html does appear correctly (its a very basic html
file) so i backed-up my intro.html and copied the title.html file over
intro.html, yet the errors i got were still the same, so the error seems to
unrelated to the content of the HTML file that is being loaded, if it even gets
to that stage. The game does create the My Documents/NHL 2004 directory
correctly. I copied over the My Documents/NHL 2004 directory over from my
windows installation and I still got the same error.

The game does go into a full screen 800x600 mode, but the game just sits there
with a frozen image of the desktop (in winex i get a black screen with the white
windows mouse pointer as it should be, but thats a different story because winex
doesnt even run IE), so i had to alt-tab to see the proper terminal window
again... the debugger keeps on outputting the same thing over at the end when i
type cont, and thats where both outputs end (actually the second output ends
with wine not finding the debugged because i didnt have it setup properly)

anyone know what the BROWSERENGINE_PC_Z.DLL is trying to call at the end when i
get this as the trace (im not sure exactly how to read the order of what calling
what, browserengine_pc_z calling kernel21, or the other way around):

=>0 0x1000997a (BROWSERENGINE_PC_Z.DLL.DllGetClassObject+0x42fa in
BROWSERENGINE_PC_Z.DLL) (ebp=003afc34)
  1 0xe8530845 (KERNEL32.DLL.VerSetConditionMask+0xd803581b) (ebp=8be58955)
*** Invalid address 0x8be58955 (KERNEL32.DLL.VerSetConditionMask+0x7b95d92b)

also, I made sure that IE still functions after the installation of NHL 2004.
However IE6 doesn't seem to be able to play SWF files, even though that shouldnt
be a major factor, as I know people who have had the game in windows without the
flash parts showing

any help would be appreciated. there is an NHL 2004 demo and im sure it would
probably behave the same, although you might have to install it through a
windows installation if its giving problems installing the demo in wine.

also if there is a better forum to post this information so it can be used,
please tell me.

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