Named pipes

Peter Riocreux par+wine_devel at
Wed Jan 28 07:04:44 CST 2004

[reposted because I posted not from the subscribed address - Doh!
Sorry if you see it twice in the end]

Using the RH9 RPM from the SF downloads area (wine-20040121-1rh9winehq.i686.rpm)

This is my first serious attempt at getting a non-working app working,
so if I am giving insufficient, or the wrong kind of, info, or am
asking on the wrong list, or have not found the
blindingly-obvious-to-everyone-but-me FAQ covering something then
please point me at the right things.

At my company, we have just purchased a spangly new Alcatel telephone
exchange, and despite the exchange running Linux apparently (I am
going to start work on obtaining the source next week ...), they have
only a Windows client for managing this exchange. Thus Wine ....

The management software (binary called pm5.exe) installed fairly
easily and gets a long way in on execution but then stops making
progress. It consumes pretty much all the CPU and when run with debug
messages printed I get the following:

fixme:ole:CoRegisterMessageFilter stub
warn:heap:HEAP_ValidateInUseArena Heap 40220000: invalid in-use arena magic for 402576a0
warn:ole:create_marshalled_proxy Could not open named pipe to broker \\.\pipe\{46A9F31C-E868-11D4-8BC9-000102A831DC}, le is 2
[last message repeated indefinitely]

There are two earlier instances of the first message, so I don't think
that is the fundamental problem, but that is the first and only HEAP
message, and the last message gets repeated endlessly. (full logs
available on request).

It also looks for, and doesn't find, ADVAPI32.dll.

I am not a Windows person at all, so have no idea if the above dll is
one that I should expect to find somewhere, or likely to be from the
app itself. As for the pipe thing, I couldn't tell whether it couldn't
connect because it couldn't make a pipe, or because it could but there
was nothing at the end of it. (I am assuming the 'broker' is at the
other end of the pipe.)

Can anyone advance my state here?



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