Named pipes

Peter Riocreux par+wine_devel at
Wed Jan 28 09:25:56 CST 2004

"Robert Shearman" <R.J.Shearman at> writes:

> > warn:heap:HEAP_ValidateInUseArena Heap 40220000: invalid in-use
> > arena magic for 402576a0
> Worrying, but your program hasn't crashed so shouldn't be a problem.

Well the thing that I *think* should be on the other end of the pipe
crashes with a similar message:

warn:heap:HEAP_ValidateInUseArena Heap 40220000: invalid in-use arena magic for 40257990

The only other occurrance of that address (40257990) for the putative
server process is:

trace:heap:RtlAllocateHeap (0x40220000,00000002,00000108): returning 40257990

As I am a novice at this wine debugging malarchy, I don't know what an
arena is, much less its magic, so I have no idea how I might determine
if the application is currupting it or there is a wine bug.
(acknowledging of course that wine has *no* bugs ... :-P)

> > warn:ole:create_marshalled_proxy Could not open named pipe to
> > broker \\.\pipe\{46A9F31C-E868-11D4-8BC9-000102A831DC}, le is 2
> > [last message repeated indefinitely]
> Probably the real cause. That pipe path isn't a standard Windows one. Is
> there some server software you should run?

I think I have found a server binary (see above), but it crashes so I
am not sure. Can I use nm or something similar to look for calls to
whatever functions are likely to create the pipe, so as to at least
make sure I am dealing with the correct binary. (we have no
instructions yet...)

> > It also looks for, and doesn't find, ADVAPI32.dll.
> You have run with warn+all right? 


> That means it is a bit verbose when loading DLLs. If wine really
> can't find a DLL it will let you know in an err: message.

I get no err messages.

Is it reasonably safe therefore to assume that it would *like* this
dll, but doesn't *need* it.

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