WineHQ: Isn't status update news?

Tom twickline at
Wed Jan 28 11:41:12 CST 2004

Brian Vincent C wrote:
>  > How about a news item about the status being updated?
>  > Tom just finished a big status update, and people that
>  > don't follow wine-{cvs,devel,patches} have
>  > no way of knowing.
> I was under the impression it wasn't completed yet because
> the Core page still needed to be done. 

Oh Sorry, It's done there was not alot to do on the Core page
I added/removed some tool's, Bidi update :-) and a link to
and fixed all the WWN links..

The only thing left is the WWN articles on two pages. You can send the patch
or you can send them to me and ill do the merge.

Many Thanks to Everyone!


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