Wine totally broken on Fedora Core because of security patch in kernel

Kevin DeKorte kdekorte at
Thu Jan 29 11:41:11 CST 2004

I've found that setting my /etc/sysconfig/prelink file options to this

PRELINK_OPTS="-m --no-exec-shield"

And then

prelink -au    

to undo the existing links and then

prelink -a

to do the prelinking with the new options


On Thursday 29 January 2004 10:05 am, Ivan Leo Murray-Smith wrote:
> FC has some security patch in the kernel, so wine fails with this error:
> err:virtual:map_image Standard load address for a Win32 program
> (0x00400000) not available - security-patched kernel ?
> wine: could not load L"C:\\Program Files\\Common
> Files\\InstallShield\\Engine\\6\\Intel 32\\IKernel.exe" as Win32 binary
> as reported by Marek Lipovcan and some users on the newsgroup, I don't have
> fc myself, but I guess something should be done about this.
> Ivan.

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