NHL 2004 Testing Report

Abdul Ahmad bcrt2000 at msn.com
Thu Jan 29 04:21:43 CST 2004

I just tried the NHL 2003 demo right now, since it would be the most 
relevant game to try since it also uses IE.. it has problems 
initializing the WinMM components.. im not sure but i have a feeling 
this might be because something isn't configure right.. i get this error 
when i start wine everytime:

err:wave:OSS_WaveOutInit /dev/mixer1: No such device
err:wave:OSS_WaveInInit /dev/mixer1: No such device

anyone know how i could fix that?

the exact error i get running nhl2003 is:
=>0 0x005bb868 (nhl2003Demo.exe.EntryPoint+0xf301 in nhl2003Demo.exe) 
   1 0x6f724265 (MIDIMAP.DRV..data+0x29e70265) (ebp=6c746954)
*** Invalid address 0x6c746954 (MIDIMAP.DRV..data+0x26e92954)

0x005bb868 (nhl2003Demo.exe.EntryPoint+0xf301 in nhl2003Demo.exe): movl 

also, NHL 2000 works in software mode from what i recall, NHL 2002 has a 
problem selecting the video card that im using, it has something to do 
with that program it uses, 3DSetup, like all of the older EA Games..

=>0 0x600024ae (DX7Z.DLL._THRASH_selectdisplay at 4+0x23e in DX7Z.DLL) 

0x600024ae (DX7Z.DLL._THRASH_selectdisplay at 4+0x23e in DX7Z.DLL): movl 

when I run 3DSetup to setup my videocard, it goes back to the 
version.dll problem i was having with NHL2004:
=>0 0x408c5d8b (VERSION.DLL.VerQueryValueA+0xa7 in VERSION.DLL) 
   1 0x10003bcf (3DSETUP.DLL.TDSETUP_IsSupportedCard+0x1aa4 in 
3DSETUP.DLL) (ebp=4083eb18)
   2 0x1000249d (3DSETUP.DLL.TDSETUP_IsSupportedCard+0x372 in 
3DSETUP.DLL) (ebp=4083ebd4)
   3 0x10001160 (3DSETUP.DLL.TDSETUP_Init+0xcc in 3DSETUP.DLL) 
   4 0x0040179b (3DSetup.exe..text+0x79b in 3DSetup.exe) (ebp=00000001)

I copied over version.dll from winxp and it did run the 3DSetup but with 
no videocards in the list; could be because i didn't install NHL 2002 
the way it should be installed (i installed nhl2003/2004 properly)

like i stated earlier for NHL 2004, version.dll cannot be used from 
WinXP as it gives an error... the only solution would be to fix the 
version.dll implementation.. however im not familiar with windows api 
and how everything works, so im not sure how i'd approach that problem 

Tom wrote:
> Abdul-Haseeb Ahmad wrote:
>> Jonathan Wilson wrote:
>>> Abdul-Haseeb Ahmad wrote:
>>>> ive tinkered around some more, and i copied over winxp's 
>>>> kernel32.dll, and i
>>> You cant use kernel32.dll from real windows on WINE.
>> if i do put it there, the program goes past the kernel32 error, as 
>> i've explained.. i changed it to a dummy kernel32 and it worked as well
> Have you tried NHL 2003, 2002, 2001, 99 ?

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