Remote access to wineconf

Jeremy White jwhite at
Thu Jan 29 16:25:19 CST 2004

Hi folks,

It looks as though through the kind help of some folks that
we will be able to have video streaming for Wineconf.

We'll also be maintaining an irc channel for the conference;
#wineconf on freenode (said channel is already open for business,
and will be active throughout the weekend).

We've got a test stream up if you want to try your viewer:

I'll point it to the live stream on Saturday morning.

We've had success with mplayer (the following was found
by Art to work well):
mplayer -rtsp-stream-over-tcp

You can also use Quicktime, and the Player from Quicktime 6.3 should run
under Wine.  I haven't had time to nail down a version of
Wine that runs it reliably; I had one working a few weeks
ago, but now our CVS tip doesn't work for beans.  Hopefully
I'll get enough time to push one out.

If someone else wants to take a poke, the key is to snag
Quicktime 6.3 (it's a bit hard to find, but is out there),
and make sure you use a Wine that is recent enough that it
has the REUSEADDR badness in socket.c reverted.



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