Hel debugging windows app with wine(dbg) + gdb

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jan 31 02:14:53 CST 2004

> Hello, thanks for your reply.
> Do you successfully debug windows apps with wine + gdb ?

> I've tried setting that env variable, but it's even worse in method 1 
> bellow.
> I'm pasting the xterm outputs for my attempts:
there are several unrelated errors/issues you need to fix first.

> ==========
> ==First xterm:
> err:wineconsole:WINECON_Fatal Couldn't find a decent font, aborting
that's the first issue. Your a.exe app is a CUI app. You first need to 
set wineconsole to make it work (basically it doesn't find a fixed font 
with decent size). It's been a while since we hadn't gotten this error...
and the rest of the debugging session fails because your debuggee needs 
the console up & running (and dies prematurely)
this should work ok even without the --no-start flag

> ==========
> gdb a.exe
gdb doesn't know nothing about windows application. You should run it 
with gdb wine-pthread (as I assume your system is -pthread)
However, if your a.exe has been compiled with a win32 compiler, you 
won't get any symbol from it (except if the compiler is mingw)


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