IE6 installation error. would you please give me a suggession

Shiva Ram Krishna psrkrishnain at
Fri Jul 2 06:26:05 CDT 2004

Dear Sir/Madam,

I downloaded the latest cvs of wine and compiled it.
All went well but it seems
that the file wasn't created properly.
If check the dependency o
f,,, I can
see all the proper files
that it needs but if I do it on, it
says " Not a
 dynamic executable". I have that his problem for the
last 3-4 months. I used a text editor and it seems
that the header is the regsvr looks like an msdos .exe file (ex, first 2
characters have "MZ") but e
xpand,winver, and winepath start with "^^". The reason
I have
notified it is when I run ie 5/6, It stops at the
point saying

"/usr/local/bin/wine: cannot open builtin library for
invalid ELF header".

would you please suggest me what I have to do

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