D3D8_GetCreationParameters fix

Christian Costa titan.costa at wanadoo.fr
Fri Jul 9 17:42:19 CDT 2004

Jonathan Wilson wrote:

>> This is the best things to do but the problem is not always obvious.
>> If REing does not give significant result, I would suggest to check 
>> how the function behaves in windows
>> and implement the same behaviour with maybe a big comment about 
>> ChessMaster 9000.
> I suggest that some kind of windows API hook (I have done direct3d 
> hooking before so I know it can be done) or API spy to find ouit just 
> what gets passed by chessmaster on windows would be a good idea. 

This would be great but how do you do with COM objects. What did you do 
for your direct3d hooking.

BTW, I remember I had a problem with a registry key that was closed and 
read afterwards.
I've never figured out why the app closes this key. API hooking would 
have been usefull.
Is there something available for doing that?

> If chessmaster passes the same thing on windows, one can figure out 
> what to do with it.
> If it doesnt, one can figure out why wine is being passed bad input...

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