[Wine]FMOD audio engine fails to initialize DirectMusic

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Jul 15 07:25:21 CDT 2004

>Hmm, the specs don't actually say that opening RDWR only works

Warning - basing this on the OSS API is probably a mistake. Although
ALSA supports the OSS API, its also preferable to use the ALSA API for
a variety of reasons, most of them related to interoperability with
different audio interfaces and user configured I/O configurations.

>Is it possible to mmap write-only memory? If not that may explain
>Linux's insistence on being able to read from the fd: since the mmap

Please do *NOT* use the OSS API for mmap access. It offers no chance
to interpose a user-space library between the app code and the driver
system, which means that the code will not work in situations where
the user has requested use of a not-purely-hardware device.


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