Yard sale windows app fun: Lotus SmartSuite '96. 1-2-3 works, WordPro doesn't.

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Sat Jul 17 18:26:33 CDT 2004

Dan Kegel wrote:
> WordPro '97 gets further now (with CVS as of 17 July), so I guess
> that's progress.  It still crashes before putting up a UI.
> Here's the (possibly) interesting bit of +all.  It looks
> like it's trying to load resource 0xfa4 of type 10 (RT_RCDATA) from 
> wpENc70.dll,
> failing, and crashing.  Looking at that DLL with Resource Hacker, I see
> RCData resources of id fa0 and fa1 (4000 and 4001), but not fa4 (4004).
> However, looking at that DLL *on the CD-ROM* with Resource Hacker, I see
> RCData resources of id 4002 - 4009!  So perhaps the installer still isn't
> running properly.

Yup, copying the dll's from an install under Windows to my Linux
installation yields a more or less working app.

The installer does have one obvious problem: it puts up a dialog box
   LWP+2311: Overflow
once while copying files.

I'll run the installer now, logging file operations, and see what comes up.
- Dan

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