Scrollbars, an application bug or a wine regression ? (#2314)

Nicolai Kuntze g-8 at
Mon Jul 19 10:10:23 CDT 2004

Am 16.07.2004 um 15:25 schrieb Dmitry Timoshkov:

> "Nicolai Kuntze" <g-8 at> wrote:
>> I have the program online with some help how to get it started and how
>> to get the error/problem. I hope you have seen this. Does this help
>> you? I try to get from the developer some test case but I can not
>> promise anything.
> If I can't get an .exe or a code snippet (with a description how it's
> intended to behave) showing the problem I can't do anything to 
> understand
> and eventually to solve the problem.
> -- 
> Dmitry.
Today I got some modified code snipplet:

  case WM_PAINT:
  BeginPaint( hwnd, &MalInfo);
  EndPaint( hwnd, &MalInfo);
  HDC hdc= GetDC( hwnd);
  BitBlt( hdc, 0, 20, doublebuffersize.right-doublebuffersize.left,, doublebufferHdc, 0, 0,
  ReleaseDC( (HWND)ViewGetHWND(), hdc);

I hope this helps.



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