Fix winmm's check_position() tests

Robert Reif reif at
Mon Jul 19 19:35:05 CDT 2004

Francois Gouget wrote:

> Robert Reif wrote:
>> Please revert this patch.  It is wrong and produces the following 
>> errors in windows xp:
> That's not what I'm seeing here. I have reverted the patch on my local 
> tree. Then I did 'make crosstest' and I have run the test on Windows 
> XP. I attached the result to this email.
> Sometimes in the VMware virtual machines I do get 96000 instead of 
> 96001 for the 96kHz tests. But that does not seem systematic. Maybe 
> that's the pcm conversion bug you mentioned?
> So do you have any idea why we are getting different results? Maybe 
> the result depends on the individual sound driver and the winmm test 
> should accept both?
I compiled the wave test with VC7 on xp pro sp2 using latest platform sdk
and dx9 summer update.  I have a SB Live!5.1, SB audigy 2, SB 16 pci, and
a built in i810.  All exhibit the same behavior.  My linux setup is an 
up to date
RH 9 smp.

Could it be a compiler or vmware issue.

I just downloaded a fresh cvs copy and will try it again.

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