Fix crash in dsound test

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Thu Jul 22 05:23:13 CDT 2004

Paul Millar <paulm at> writes:

> On Monday 19 July 2004 12:50, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
>> Can you (cross)build the directsound tests?
> FWIW, yes:

Fine, that works, even. :) What an interesting experience it
is to hear variously-pitched 440 Hz sounds!  The wonders of
Doppler effect, I guess.  Why not make the velocity such
that the audible tones form a minor second for example?
That way it really could be an interactive *test*... :]

Back to the build: Paul, I can't see your winetest builds
being used (allowing for the present outage).  Do you know
what the problem is?  Those of Kevin are used for all the
reports I checked, but he hasn't responded yet.  I'll send a
patch to include dsound in winetest, and we will see if he
publishes anything...

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