COM outproc & CFProxy unhandled interface for IRunnableObject

Mike Hearn mike at
Thu Jul 22 08:09:24 CDT 2004

On Thu, 22 Jul 2004 14:45:31 +0200, Jeroen Janssen wrote:
> Maybe my 'real' problem is that based upon the logging, I also see a
> CFProxy Unhandled interface for the first interface that the client is
> trying to access (but I need to know more about how COM/wine deals with
> this).

Are you sure you're using COM right? I have also written an outproc
server test and it works OK - at least I've been able to marshal a Hello
World RPC across.

The class factory that is marshalled back across only supports
IClassFactory as far as I know, IRunnableObject may well be implemented on
the instances it creates but not the factory itself.

>> Ove from Transgaming has donated their COM implementation to wine
>> (several years ago), and Mike Hearn and I are trying to find a way to
>> merge it that:
>> 1) Improves our (D)COM implementation 2) Doesn't introduce any
>> regressions
>> 3) Has the right architecture to build upon for future features
> Ok, is the code that Ove released available somewhere? How far in the
> process are you with merging? Is there a TODO list or something like
> that? I'm trying to understand if I can help the wine project by getting
> this application working, so that's why I'm asking. ---- Jeroen Janssen

It's not really possible (or a good idea) to merge all of it. Try googling
for "world-of-dcom" and that should show you the patch I got last time I
did a quick merge.

Me and Rob are starting to scrape together a plan, I think, and as part of
working on other apps we're fixing bits as we go, but it's a long long
road we have ahead of us. Any help would certainly be welcome.

thanks -mike

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