Is bugzilla worth keeping?

Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò dgp85 at
Sat Jul 24 10:53:49 CDT 2004

Mike Hearn wrote:
> It strikes me, looking at the wine-bugs list, that there is a huge
> disparity between the number of people maintaining it and the number
> of people filing bugs in it. It seems to be quite rare for
> communication on bugfixes to take place there, wine-devel is the more
> usual forum.
IMHO, Bugzilla is usually more complex to use, also if it's a lot more clean
than using a mailing list, because here we can add dependencies and resolve
Actually, I don't use it either, probably because I usually forget that
there's the Bugzilla :) I started using it to submit ebuilds to gentoo, and
then for KDE, before that I never used it.
It's also true that also posting on wine-users or wine-devel doesn'tmake
sure that the bug will be seen: I posted sometime requests for more info
about an error or a behaviour of a software under wine, but it's rare that
something is found out.
Also, there's still my patch for SHLWAPI floating around, because I hadn't
had the time to clean it up, but noone answered in the topic AFAICS
( ).

Maybe a 'promotion' to the use of bugzilla can help address the bigger

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