Implement StdMarshal::ReleaseMarshalData

Mike McCormack mike at
Sun Jul 25 01:53:57 CDT 2004

Mike Hearn wrote:

> You're right, good catch. I'm not sure it's worth resending the patch
> though as really hardly any of our COM implementation is thread safe at
> all. 

Please don't make assertions like this.  If you make people believe that 
"code X has fault Y" without specifying exactly where the problem is, 
you'll make everybody believe that the problem is too hard to fix and 
nobody will bother.  Furthermore you'll encourage others to submit more 
code with problems, and justify it like you've just done by saying "it's 
broken anyway".

If you're aware of any place that the code is unthreadsafe or 
non-reentrant, please submit a patch fixing it or adding a comment 
saying so.

The best way to make it work right is to start with the right attitude.


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