dinput.dll: mouse didn't work

Michael Schlüter michael at johalla.de
Sun Jul 25 09:10:04 CDT 2004

Am Samstag, den 24.07.2004, 22:50 +0200 schrieb Lionel Ulmer:
> > And later when pressing a mouse button:
> > 
> > trace:hook:HOOK_CallHooks calling hook in thread 0013 WH_MOUSE_LL code 0
> > wp 200 lp 4071d074
> > 
> > But then there is no other dinput message. Shouldn't there be a call of
> > the mouse callback function?
> There should, yeah.... But the way this works is that the event code is
> sending a message (via the server) to the thread which registered the hook
> via the DInput code. Now if that thread does not do any wait on any message,
> the message will time-out and the event will be lost (I had this issue with
> a game).

Are keyboard and mouse handled within the same thread? 

> You could check by pressing a key to see if the keyboard low level hook is
> actually called or not.

Yes, KeyboardCallback is called with every key stroke.

> By the way, could I know which game exhibits this problem and if I could
> download it to be able to debug on my box ?

The games are called "Robin Hood – The Legend of Sherwood" and
"Desperados - Wanted Death or Alive". Demos are available but I don't
have the links handy.

Bye, Michael

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