Support for Palm USB Hotsync

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Sun Jul 25 16:06:38 CDT 2004

>>>>> "Harald" == Harald Milz <milz at> writes:

    Harald> Hi, I am new to this list (albeit not to Wine :-) my Wine usage
    Harald> dates back to 1993 when I interviewed Bob Amstadt in his
    Harald> home... )

    Harald> Anyway - I have a problem with Palm USB hotsync which could
    Harald> perhaps be solved on the userspace level. As you all know, the
    Harald> Linux USB kernel code creates an in-kernel device (in this case,
    Harald> ttyUSB1) only when a connected device actually talks. With a
    Harald> Palm, this is only the case if one presses the hotsync
    Harald> button. This keeps me from running Hotsync permanently which I
    Harald> need to sync my Palm against Lotus Notes. As soon as I start
    Harald> Hotsync, it complains that the device is not there at all. Even
    Harald> if I press "hotsync" and start Hotsync immediately after that,
    Harald> no communication takes place.  (pilot-xfer -p /dev/ttyUSB1 works
    Harald> just fine)

    Harald> Now, for Wine / Cxoffice, ttyUSB is merely a serial
    Harald> device. Wouldn't it be possible to modify the Wine code in a way
    Harald> to fake the open() call and return success to the caller, poll
    Harald> the actual device and open it as soon as it actually comes up? I
    Harald> would be willing to hack this in but I have no real idea where
    Harald> to look regarding the sheer size of the code. I suspect it's in
    Harald> server/serial.c but I am not sure. Any hint is welcome.

Perhaps try a WINEDEBUG=+relay,+server,+file run, to see whats
happening. Grepping through the source will help to find out whats

Keep us informed about your progress.

Good luck
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